Welcome 2021 and I Choose to Leaving PHP

Today is 30 December 2020, and i decide myself for leaving php. Yeah, some people maybe doesn’t like the sound of it. But it’s my choices. The first time i use php is about last year 2019. At that time i think everything is fine and nice.

But for several month ahead, i learning about node.js. In there, i found that it was really cool language. Perhaps for the beginning it will be so suck. But, after a while i got that it was really cool. Exactly, when i said node there, It was combined with Express.

I’m not senior developer, i still junior or maybe newbie in this world of programming. After long time not touch php, i was curious to learn about it again. The reason why, because in the beginning of year or maybe last year too. I found a book, it was left by the owner. The book is telling about ‘web programming is easy’. Yeah this book is old. But until yesterday, i just keep it.

Yesterday, i trying to follow the instruction of the book, this is build blog using php native. From the beginning i was so angry, because the script is always annoy me with the ‘;’.

So until the page for building login page. I just can’t do the same, and trying to find some solution. Yeah i know this book is old (maybe 4–5 years old) and had been lefted by the owner. So, i understand that maybe the syntax that used is totally changed. But well, for the php, is not much changed really. But for the mysql it was changed to mysqli.

I was trying to be patient of changing one by one, until i was really boring about it. Yeah absolutely this is bad habits. Because i yield. But who cares???.

So yeah i just want to say one more time, that php native is not good language for beginner. If you want to dive into programming. Perhaps it’s better to choose another programming. And FYI, I still believe that in 2030 PHP will become rare and not far for it, it will extinct. As long as, it not changing the ‘;’ problem.

I don’t want to stop you for learning, but trust me, saved your time by learning something that more useful and took less time. Python, JavaScript, Node, and etc.


Happy New Year!!!



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