Advice For Start Coding Journey in 2021

Hi, let me introduce am, my name is hand. I am still a junior web developer, i was excited about learning Web Developer since the lockdown. Several hours ago, it was the announcement about the winner of Scrimba JavaScriptmas challenge. And yeah i am not winning anything. But, i really happy!!!

Did you know, there is 32000 tweet around the global for this challenge, and i must become the 1 of them to show as a winner. I prefer to not believing that i could win right hahaha.

2020 teach me a lot about life. In the first quarter of this year, i was in the condition of giving up with life. I don’t know why, i could thinking like that. But, maybe it because i don’t have purpose in life that time. Until someone told me for not giving up in life and for the target of my life, she encourage me to catch a very little target although it was a thin air.

From that time, i choose to start learning coding intensively. The reason i choose the Web Development path is because it was really fun, light for my device, many sources, and yeah it’s cool. I success for being consistent for about 1 or 2 month that times. But i got stuck after that, because i feel my improvement seems don’t bring me to anything. And yeah, if i tell you more, it just a fuck*** reason for hiding my laziness.

100DaysofCode Challenge

Until it was around last of July, i talking to myself, about how if i did 100DaysofCode Challenge. This challenge is simple, i just need to keep uploading things about coding into my social media account in 100days, for me i use my twitter account @handhikayp. This challenge is about commitment with myself. No one ask me and i must do a code, at least it just a suck html css.

But yeah i did it, i still remember in around day 40 i said that i will stop for about five days, because i want to enjoy holiday. This okay, as long i still code again after the day five of stopping. After the stop for while, so many excuse will come up. But, if our dream is greater than our excuse, and also if the dream is trustworthy, it will passes day by day until day 100.

Around the day 80, i can’t believe that my friend and i could won a competition in designing a web application of male fashion shop. It was so exciting. Trust me this 100DaysofCode challenge is my recommendation for you to did in 2021.

Following Bootcamp

Since the covid-19 become large and still large until this day. Many place had been changed into online system. I think the online meeting business teleconference has the massive benefit on this time. But yeah, we can’t regret what had been pass right?

So, by using this opportunity too, we can following many bootcamp with a few buck or all free. Until today, i found many place that help learning about coding and many of them is free. The purpose on bootcamp is to make you learn in structured way.

Do What Your Mind Asking

Do you ever thinking about improvement in something. Like when you watch an online store. And you think it was ugly, why you don’t try to replicate it. Trust me by doing this thing, you will learn very big thing.

If the example is too high, you can step down it. Do you ever think that the default video player in windows OS is not supported with rewind using keyboard, can’t play video with 2x speed or perhaps you want get 3x speed. From that simple thinking, just spend a few times, to rebuild a thing. What i mean, it must not desktop application, use your creativity.

Show Yourself

I don’t want to teach you about this, but someone in around 2000 years ago once said

“I have often wondered how it is that every man loves himself more than all the rest of men, but yet sets less value on his own opinion of himself than on the opinion of others.”

~Marcus Aurelius

Today we live in digital era, and social media is just like a door for us, to see something that was so far far away from us. Don’t be shy, this trait is useless. IT’S THE GOOD START.

Because, think about how if you write the 1st day of code challenge. You are watched by all of your followers. So there is no reason you stop the code, your credibility will drown if you not finished until the end. Just because others opinion right???

Follow Community

Don’t being alone, we are human. Life with other makes us still exist until today. Following community is the best way to engage more deep into something. If you can find something hard you can ask it, if you see easier task that another ask you can help it. Using community we build our connectivity between others. And because of that you will grow more faster.


If you think, you don’t have anything to show up. Trust me, the more you do nothing, you will get nothing. Because Nothing is not good nor bad, it just nothing. Just like Arya Stark said in Games of Thrones series. And the more you start you will learn more.

If you think you don’t have time. I think it just another excuse to hiding your laziness. Everybody has 24 hours a day, if we count sleep and work around 16 hours, we still have 8 hours. Why, we don’t just being honest with ourselves.

The only way to stop all procrastination is to START TODAY AND RIGHT NOW.

I think that’s all for now, if this article take more longer, i believe you don’t start. So happy coding, and remember this

Everyone can code, many of them become developer, but just a few of them can be successful developer. It just the distinction of consistency that make the gap visible

~ handhikayp



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