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URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is an address that refer to something we are looking for. Usually we call it as a link. When come into downloading a thing from internet, we usually use link. Because a link can bring us into whatever we want to get. Sometimes it can be music, movie, game, torrent, and etc.


Downloading a thing from internet is become an essential part of human being. Today, we only need to click link in the browser, and it will bring us into something we want. But when it comes into big file, sometimes we don’t want downloading…

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Images is an essential part of our life today, with images the memories will still remain. Today, we store our images into digital data. It makes easier to be saved and also easier to be distributed. But, the new challenge come with this thing. Digital image can be duplicated nor being edited, so there is a person invented hash algorithm. To make the comparison any of digital data.

My approach is little different but using the same concept with that. I will not using any of that algorithm. In this stories I want to share about how to comparing two…

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The OS module is a standard module that is built-in with Python. This module can be used to interact with the operating system. If you are a Linux user, this module is easier to understand. But if you are a Windows user, don’t worry, I will try to explain it to make you understand. But please, imagine yourself as a traveler.

Why is it important?

In a small project, this module is probably not useful, but when you are working as a team or working on some bigger project, this will help you out. …

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Connecting google drive and google colab is simple but necessary knowledge. But sometimes we can’t figure it out how to do this. Let’s start by opening new notebooks in your google colab.

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Terkhusus pada tulisan ini saya hendak melakukan sharing pengetahuan yang saya peroleh selama mengikuti program beasiswa NanoDegree yang diadakan oleh AWS dan Udacity untuk tema AWS Machine Learning Foundations. Tulisan ini sesuai yang saya janjikan ketika mendaftar dahulu bahwa saya akan menyebarkan ilmu yang diperoleh untuk lebih banyak orang. Oke, langsung ke pembahasan.

Siapa yang pada tahun 2021, belum pernah mendengar istilah software engineering? saya yakin seharusnya minimal bagi para pembaca artikel ini sudah tau apa itu software engineering. Jadi, software engineering adalah pembelajaran mendalam mengenai desain, pengembangan, dan maintenance suatu perangkat lunak (software).

Jadi, penyusunan suatu aplikasi ‘seharusnya’ tidak…

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Here we go again with another solution for CTFlearn. Today I want to share about programming challenge ‘Image Magic’. When this article written, the challenge level is hard and the reward is 70 points.

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CTFlearn is great platform for learning cyber security. It contains many challenges from the easiest till the hardest. Also, it has great community for you to interact with other. Cyber security is not a new field in computer science. But, in this platform, you can learn about Web, Forensics, Binary, Reversing, Cryptography, Programming, and Miscellaneous.

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As a Pythoneer or Pythonista sometimes we meet this two strange arguments *args and **kwargs. So what is that? Did you know that this two things can really help finish your problem. In this post I will try to explain it in easy way. I hope this will be the only one post that you need to know about *args and **kwargs.

One thing you should remember about this two, is the asterisk symbol (*)


In the programmer daily life, functions will bring us easier to finish any of our job. …

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Python list is used for storing multiple variables into one variable. This is one of four built-in data structures in Python, together with tuples, dictionaries, and sets. A list is written within square brackets [] and separated by commas. Lists start with index 0 and can store collections of items from different types. It’s a mutable object, so it can be reassigned a new value.

Mutable Object

To understand what is a mutable object, let’s jump into practice. Suppose we have a list of tools that contain variables like this:

As you can see…

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Simple Linear Regression (SLR) is a statistical model that can be used to process the relationship between one dependent variable and one or more dependent variable using line. This is one of regression algorithm in Machine Learning. Just like the name it’s ‘SIMPLE’, I think you should make this model as the beginning of your ML path.

In this post, I want to share about how to make a SLR model and then deploy it into web server. Do you think, why we need to deploy it? Well, because you can’t tell your potential client only with your data. You…

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